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Learn the Secrets to Getting Rich! Join Me, as I Share my Insights into the Timeless Wisdom of a 120 Year Old Classic, The Science Of Getting Rich. How I have applied this book to become a multi-millionaire and you can to.

One of the beautiful things about the money flow is your participation in history. You can turn on the news and see “the money” literally flow. Are you profiting from it?

Do your action match your dreams, goals, comments, speech, and thinking?

Are you set up to attract more wealth into your life, or are you living to help the few build their wealth? #dontdiebroke #money #cash

The guru’s class has done average blue collar person a disservice. They sold you on outliers, the extraordinary, the rare winner as the norm, if only you buy their products. #dontdiebroke

How do big boys in the apartment game make their money? #dontdiebroke

If you don’t want a kick in ass, or don’t need one, skip today’s message. If you been dragging your feet and you know it, take the ass chewing your about to get and do something about it! Today’s the day! #dontdiebroke

If your flat broke, it’s time to change! You can’t change your reality until you change your personality. #dontdiebroke

The formula I followed to get to million dollars. ATTENTION - My mic went wacko on me in this message. I will probably delete this

episode. Very sorry about the quality of the recording...even though the message is GOLD!


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Lessons from the Cash Quadrant...

How Ordinary People Can Become Extraordinarily Wealthy #money #wealth #success

You MUST understand your DEBT, is someone else’s PASSIVE INCOME. Your literally making other people rich. I want you make YOU rich!

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